Arethusa’s Fountain

Going down to the Grand Port of Ortygia, along Largo Arethusa, you can find the waters of the homonymous spring. It is a freshwater source of the Hyblaean groundwater aquifer and it was narrated by Ovid in the legend of the nymph Arethusa, who asked Artemis to transform her into water, because she does not return the love of Alpheus and tried to escape it. It is a strongly suggestive place, that inspired the writings of Ovid, Pindar and D’Annunzio; today it has a double circular shape, immersed in a unique group of wild papyrus plants.

The spring is visible from the street through a little belvedere, where an informative braille table is available.

Useful Information
Address: Largo Aretusa, Siracusa