Cosentini Palace

The Palace is located at Salita Commendatore and it is next to an old staircase, which connected the upper part of the town to the lower part and to San Rocco street. The building has two floors and two facades, the main one features an imposing door with four steps and two high pillars built in the wall and slightly sticking out. The pillars have capitals decorated with garlands and shells, that were typical of the Baroque period. The front facade is enriched by three fine balconies with decorated corbels. The side facade has two pillars, but only one balcony featuring 5 corbels, decorated with grotesque masks having in their mouths symbolic animals and human beings holding cornucopias filled with food (the symbol of the owners’ wealth).

Useful information
Address: Corso Mazzini, 97100 Ragusa RG
Contact details: Tel: + 39 0932-676668/623
Opening times: closed to the public
Ticket prices: free